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3 октября 2022: ArchСongress, World Architecture Day и Habitat World Day
3 октября 2022: ArchСongress, World Architecture Day и Habitat World Day
В этом году Международный Конгресс «Архитектура 2022» и Всемирный день архитектуры (WAD – World Architecture Day) проходит в один день параллельно со Всемирным днем Хабитат (Habitat World Day) ООН – 3 октября 2022. Традиционно именно в этот день архитекторы всего мира стремятся привлечь внимание профессионалов, а также общественности к проблемам, касающимся городов и среды обитания. В этот Всемирный день архитектуры мы поговорим о роли архитектуры в защите наших жизней и восстановлениию здоровья, чтобы изучить, как архитекторы могут лучше способствовать физическому, эмоциональному, экологическому, финансовому и социальному благополучию, оказывая при этом положительное влияние на окружающую среду. Присоединяйтесь к нам для обсуждения вместе с мировыми экспертами того, как архитектура может и должна способствовать защите нашей жизни и восстановлению здоровья.

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Archi-World® Academy Awards 2013 - 2015

1. Bartolomé Gómez Cordero, Spain

2. Carolina Travaglio, Caracas, Venezuela

3. Viktoriia Kuripka, Ukraine

4. Cataldo Ancona, Italy

5. Joyce Stijnen, Belgium

6. Kutay Biberoğlu, Turkey

7. Christian Salandanan, Philippines

8. Ksenia Kirpikova, Russia

9. Osman Sümer, Turkey

10. Boyana Stoeva, Russia

11. Wallison Caetano, Brazil

12. Ivan Matveev, Russia

Archi-World® Academy Awards 2013 - 2015

The second edition of the Archi-World® Academy awards has rewarded excellence and encouraged young talents by enabling twelve students to undertake an exceptional training course in an important internationally renowned architecture office.

To work as a trainee in a big experienced architecture office, known for the quality of its realizations and services, is a famous springboard for the future. This is the opportunity, which was given, on January 21st last, to the twelve laureates during the ceremony organized at the BAU Fair in Munich.
More than 1400 architecture students, coming from all parts of the world, have participated during 2013 and 2014 to this unusual competition.
The objective being to detect future architecture talents, the competition organized by Jacques Allard in close cooperation with Dr Reinhard Pfeiffer, CEO of BAU München International could be completed successfully thanks to the support of the Jury’s president Juhani Pallasmaa and also the enthusiast adhesion of the jury members, all renowned architects who have examined with great attention all the projects submitted: Mario Cucinella (Italy), Paul de Ruiter (The Netherlands), Thomas Herzog (Germany), Philippe Samyn (Belgium), Juan Manuel Herranz (Spain), Madhav Raman (India), Ibrahim Jaidah (Qatar), Yves Besançon Prats (Chile), Roger Duffy (USA), Fernando Romero (Mexico), Peter Stutchbury (Australia), and Andrey Asadov (Russia).
«It is marvellously eclectic as we expected it would be, underlines Philippe Samyn, one of the jury members, who especially made the trip to Munich! The projects cover the extremes, from buildings with formal expressions to more altruistic concepts in favour of the underprivileged people, in the line my own office is following since more than 20 years.»
Questioned by the architect Ronald Kern, the jury members present at the round table spoke to the winners and to the important number of participants to the event. They recalled their first years of activity, very different for each one, and on the basis of these first experiences how their career progressed, through different flagship projects.
Now it is time for these twelve students or freshly graduated architects to show their ability to develop their ideas and values and … try to realize big architectural projects. All should remember the example of the Russian Diana Vatinyan, who was rewarded at the Archi-World Academy Awards 2011/2013 by Daniel Libeskind and who worked as a trainee in this prestigious office before becoming a full-time colleague.

1. Bartolomé Gómez Cordero, Spain
Training course laureate at SOM, USA

Project: A shadow in Fez «Central Library of the Maghreb», Fez, Morocco

This project tries to propose a solution to the historical town of Fez, by interpreting carefully with a contemporary approach all the elements of the Arab tradition, whilst changing the original typography. It is composed of series of interior platforms with a « cloud » roof, a continuous outside element.

2. Carolina Travaglio, Caracas, Venezuela
Training course laureate at Paul de Ruiter Architects, The Netherlands

Project: Cultural Bridge for the City «El Ávila National Park», Caracas, Venezuela

Utopian and at the same time very detailed, the cultural centre project results from the handling of glazed volumes, each containing a full volume hooked and linked to a bridge- shaped platform by a central patio. A particular attention was given to the structure’s resolution and to the materials selection.

3. Viktoriia Kuripka, Ukraine
Training course laureate at Virai Arquitectos, Spain

Project: «Co-housing as the zone of influence on a depressive territory»

Situated in a now abandoned old industrial zone, this group of dwellings redefines the social housing and its lifestyle. The project’s objective is to find scientifically proven renovation methods with a new living typology and an approach taking account of the needs of the people living in the region.

4. Cataldo Ancona, Italy
Training course laureate at Thomas Herzog Architekten, Germany

Project: «Student residences», Lyon, France

This proposal relates to a student residence in the town of Lyon, built on a pedestrian axis linking the various structures. Two more important five story buildings are also connected by a sloping « Red Pipe ». At the centre of the project, apartments are created with modules of two or three units.

5. Joyce Stijnen, Belgium
Training course laureate at Samyn and Partners, Belgium

Project: From archetype to prototype: The Philippine bahay kubo concept revisited

Coming from a detailed study on housing special features and disasters caused by typhoons in the Philippines, this prototype underlines the fact that it is essential to understand the culture, the lifestyle and construction habits to create adapted and useful projects. The community building inspired by vernacular huts can resist to storms, assemble the population and serve as emergency centre.

6. Kutay Biberoğlu,
Training course laureate at FR-EE, Mexico

Project: Necroturris

Resulting from the problems due to the population increase and consequently the cemetery’s expansion in the towns, this project redefines in 3D the position of the graves, meaning they would be integrated in the big vertical buildings, and combined at the same time with the defunct memory as well as commercial and leisure activities.

7. Christian Salandanan, Philippines
Training course laureate at Anagram Architects, India

Project: Casa Kawayan - Bamboo Research and Development Complex

Drawn according to the winds and special regional weather elements, this complex wants to maximize the potential of bamboo, material which is produced locally. This is not only for the finishing work and the furniture, but also for the building itself. The building is inspired with style by the local traditions.

8. Ksenia Kirpikova, Russia
Training course laureate at Arab Engineering Bureau, Qatar

Project: Recreational center "Island Baran"

The general idea is to merge the natural forms with the architecture in a unique landscape structure by transforming the Baran Island into a leisure complex. With mirror glass façades, the building blends into the hill and the roofs structure creates a landscape uniform surface covered with grass.

9. Osman Sümer,
Training course laureate at Alemparte Barreda Wedeles Besancon Arquitectos y Asociados, Chile

Project: Living Bridge

In order to recreate the link between different sites divided by a highway, the bridge is capable of reacting to its environment and to some events. The structure supports the pedestrian path formed by two parts to enable the users either to profit from the view, or to really walk along. Units with polygons increase the tension potential.

10. Boyana Stoeva, Russia
Training course laureate at Peter Stutchbury’s office, Australia

Project: «Spiritus Urbana»

Photosynthesis and the functioning of plants life inspire this project. With a form deriving from the trees structure, the building is inspired by their protein distribution system. The CO2 absorbed by the façade is channelled through the funnel to a diffusion chamber to be divided in carbon monoxide and oxygen, which will be used to feed fresh air to the building.

11. Wallison Caetano, Brazil
Training course laureate at Mario Cucinella Architects, Italy

Project: «Vertical Farm of Paulista Avenue»

Alternative to mineral and soulless constructions, this green tower wants to change the vision of the megalopolis’ heart. The mixed use building integrates the vertical farm techniques to grow fruits and vegetables. Initially conceived for a specific site, it can be reproduced in important urban centers to reduce the distance between the field and the town.

12. Ivan Matveev, Russia
Training course lauréate at Asadov Architectural Studio, Russia

Project: «Performing arts center Taganskaya square»

Integrating itself gently in a network of existing historical buildings, the project is based on the principle of maximal transparency. The group of buildings with a dominant sculptural style is composed of closed volumes and a surrounding common exterior space. A concrete constructive heart supporting a glazed roof forms these volumes and the vertical accesses.

Archi-World® Academy 3 is now a reality! Cathrin Krumrey (SBA Architects in Stuttgart) and Sergey Romanov (Studio No 1 GUP MNIIP "Mosprojekt 4" in Moscow) have officially announced the list of the jury members who have accepted to participate to the third edition of Archi-World Academy Awards 2015-2017.

Rudy Ricciotti / Agence Rudy Ricciotti, France
Wolf D. Prix / Coop Himmelb(l)au, Austria
Shelley McNamara / Grafton Architects, Ireland
Mauro Poponcini / Poponcini & Lootens, Belgium
Francesco Isidori / Labics, Italy
Guz Wilkinson / Guz Architects, Singapore
Cathrin Krumrey / SBA Architects, Germany
James Wei Ke / CHIASMUS, China
Ekin Ç. Turhan / Ercan Coban Architects, Turkey
Marcio Kogan / Studio mk27, Brazil
Sergey Romanov / No 1 GUP MNIIP "Mosprojekt – 4", Russia
Teemu Kurkela / JKMM Architects, Finland



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